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St. Peter Claver Agricultural Project In Rumbek, South Sudan – Jesuits Helping A New Country Feed Itself

borehole drill-rumbek nlThe Jesuits of Eastern Africa are present in Rumbek town and run a computer and ecological centre.  In 2010 local land owners approached the Jesuits in search of help.  The local landowners occupy land 10 kilometres  outside of Rumbek town. They live in a rural location with few services.  Their request to the Jesuits was to help them develop their community by building a school.  They contributed a section of land for this purpose.  After much discussion and consideration it was agreed that a multi educational agricultural institute would be appropriate.  The multi educational dynamic allows the institute to move with the needs of the people and the changing needs of the Nation.  A farm in the school would assist the local community to become self reliant and provide a source of food for the institute.