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Development, Human Rights, Environment – ‘Water is at the Heart of All of it’

Water is the entry point for those on the justice-peace journey, Sr. Maura McGrath says. “Water is life, it’s sacred, so it’s got to be our way into making any moves in terms of equality and human rights,” said the Congregation of Notre Dame sister from Montreal, one of many women religious around the world employing creative measures to make those moves concrete in their communities.

Bishops of El Salvador warn against privatizing water

El Salvador’s bishops urged lawmakers to discard any plans for privatizing water in the Central American country, saying the poor could not afford to pay the cost of a vital necessity. In a terse statement, issued June 12 and titled, “We will not allow the poor to die of thirst,” the Salvadoran bishops’ conference cited Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si’, on Care for Our Common Home,” which said, “Access to potable and secure water is a basic.

A decade of Friendship

The South Dublin parish of Sandymount has shared cultural and social links with a township in Lusaka, Zambia for almost ten years. The partnership resulted in clean running water for a school in Matero, and insights into a different culture and way of life for the Irish community.

How one gift helped a whole community

Long-term supporter, Michael, made an incredible gift which made clean water a reality for a poor community. Sometimes a special opportunity comes up for a supporter to fund a project of their own.A while ago we published an article in our newsletter about a remote village in Timor-Leste suffering terrible conditions because they didn’t have easy access to clean water.

AdZU Hilites Sustainable Devt Cause with Water Mgt Project

The groundwater management project, with the AdZU-Geo-informatics for a Systematic Assessment of Flood Effects and Risks in Mindanao (Geo-SAFER) as a co-implementor, will assess and monitor the groundwater of the city by constructing ground water monitoring wells with real-time capability to assess both quality and quantity of groundwater. 

Bollywood star uses water conservation methods pioneered by Jesuit

PUNE, India – Thousands of young Indians have joined a water conservation movement led by popular Bollywood actor-producer Aamir Khan to fight drought using methods originally advocated by a Swiss-born Jesuit. reported more than 150,000 college students from drought-prone western Indian cities joined Khan in early May to dig trenches ahead of monsoon rains in more than 100 villages across 24 drought-prone districts of western Maharashtra state.