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Access to clean water is a life issue that the church must defend

Five years ago, few people thought of the Catholic church as ecologically activist or environmentally diplomatic. But Pope Francis’ election to the papacy changed that, especially since the promulgation of his 2015 ecology encyclical, “Laudato Si’, on Care for Our Common Home.” In my analysis, fresh water is the most important point of papal reflection at the intersection of environmental and social justice. Fresh water is, in no uncertain terms, a fundamental life issue.

Tachos, Algodón y Clavos para Filtrar Arsénico en el Agua

Docentes y alumnos de la Universidad Católica (UCC) de Córdoba enseñan la técnica en un humilde poblado de Santiago del Estero. Allí utilizan el sistema para procesar agua con niveles muy altos de contaminación. Reducir los niveles de arsénico y de fluoruros del agua de pozo, mejorar la calidad de vida de un poblado santiagueño que no tiene otra fuente de provisión, investigar y desarrollar nuevos dispositivos de filtración.

Church in El Salvador backs law declaring clean, affordable water as a human right

Over the past decade, the Salvadoran Church has been increasingly vocal about a dire human rights situation in this country: the access to fresh water. In 2017, the archdiocese, along with the Jesuit-run University of Central America, spearheaded the movement to ban mining for gold and other metals, practices that produced considerable water pollution. Now the church is working to protect the human right to water and fighting the privatization of the resource.

Water Conservation

Loyola Marymount University is located in Los Angeles, California. Our geographic location means that we are living in a water scarce area. We recognize the significance of conserving water and implementing alternative technologies to reduce our contribution to the south west’s severe drought. Additionally, water use (specifically heating) can contribute to more than 15% of a building’s energy use. Over the past few years, we have reduced our water use by over 20 %.

Jesuits seek more knowledge to combat pollution

There is clear demand from the Jesuit community for more information around mining issues, according to a global survey 

Although environmental contamination and access to clean water are priorities in areas where the Society of Jesus works, many Jesuits and lay colleagues say they have insufficient knowledge to take action, according to a global survey by the Justice in Mining Network.

Can standards protect the environment?

Universidad del Pacífico lawyer, Sandra Dalfiume, presented her first book. The publication questions the transboundary environmental impact assessments that are currently being carried out in Peru.The environment is not governed by the countries’ borders. The alterations to nature made in a territory, may generate consequences in another beyond its borders.