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How one gift helped a whole community

Long-term supporter, Michael, made an incredible gift which made clean water a reality for a poor community.

Sometimes a special opportunity comes up for a supporter to fund a project of their own.A while ago we published an article in our newsletter about a remote village in Timor-Leste suffering terrible conditions because they didn’t have easy access to clean water. We mentioned the need to build a water-well for the community.To our surprise, we received a call from Michael, a long-term Jesuit Mission supporter, saying he’d like to fund the building of the entire water-well himself. We were so excited to hear his enthusiasm and generosity!

AdZU Hilites Sustainable Devt Cause with Water Mgt Project

The groundwater management project, with the AdZU-Geo-informatics for a Systematic Assessment of Flood Effects and Risks in Mindanao (Geo-SAFER) as a co-implementor, will assess and monitor the groundwater of the city by constructing ground water monitoring wells with real-time capability to assess both quality and quantity of groundwater. “These technical interventions have become strategic in making our City more sustainable, more secure, more safe, and more progressive,” Fr San Juan stated.

Use of clean technologies in housing to live with dignity

This project was developed as a strategy to adapt to climate change in the face of water scarcity and rationing in popular urban neighborhoods in the cities from La Paz and El Alto.” 40 baths and laundries were built by implementing rainwater harvesting systems and re-utilization of gray water which, through a pumping system supported by solar panels, are distributed in toilets and laundries, saving the use of drinking water.

Water use has grown six times in the last century; twice as fast as world population

According to José Graziano da Silva, water scarcity is already a challenge for the human race due to factors such as climate change and pollution.

According to FAO Director-General, two-thirds of the planet’s inhabitants live under severe water shortages at certain times of the year; conference in Brasilia debates lack of water as a factor for migration.

At global forums, church leaders advocate for safe water for all

Access to clean water is a fundamental right must be a global priority, said Catholic leaders present at the 8th World Water Forum and the Alternative World Water Forum. Catholic representatives spoke about the need to find ways to create a sustainable supply of fresh drinking water for all, especially the poorer populations around the world.

Collaboration in the SJPAM: Experience in the Peruvian Amazon. By: Eduardo Anaya Sanromán, SJ

We share the testimony of Eduardo Anaya Sanromán, SJ about his experience in the Jesuit Service to Panamazonia (SJPAM)