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LCM Service_rightGreenHouse is home to students who are passionate about the relationship between people and nature.  Students explore ways in which we can all use fewer natural resources and learn how to become agents of change for a more sustainable society.  Members of the Green LC engage in Loyola’s initiatives to develop a more sustainable campus, explore ways that the City of Chicago is making strides toward a more sustainable city, and experience much of the nature Chicago has to offer, such as the beautiful lake front, forest preserves, and countless farmers’ markets.

Academics Initiatives

1376059946491Boston College’s leading academics and their students are currently researching ways to conserve the environment and engineering alternative energy practices.

Energy Savings at BC

1373645355688-bulbEach year, Boston College takes greater steps towards sustainability and energy conservation. Past projects have reduced energy through more efficient forms of lighting and heating, as well as procuring Energy Star appliances.