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Acción Sostenible “Sustainable Action”

Acción Sostenible

Acción Sostenible

Sustainable action is a nonprofit organization made up of college students committed to improving the state of our environment through the promotion of sustainable development.

They are seeking to raise awareness and encourage our community to take action to provide information and means necessary; as studies and projects to extend such behavior in their private and professional life.

Bentela daw Sayuda

bentel_daw_sayudaBentela daw Sayuda is the Pulangiyen value of visiting and sharing information; it is part of the Bridging Leadership in Mindanao (BLM) project of ESSC. BLM is an engagement with the youth of Mindanao, especially young adults in Indigenous People communities that aims to help in the stability and sustainability of Mindanao youth’s culture, the environment and their resources.

USD Participation in ACUCA Student Camp 2012: The Youths Create Green Asia

News_03092012140648_Berita_USD_01092012075907_acu1Sanata Dharma University resent its 4 students to join The Association of Christian University Colleges in Asia (ACUCA) Student Camp 2012 held on August 20 – 24, 2012.The ACUCA Student Camp brought up environmental matter with theme “Aiming for Tomorrow Where We Can Walk Side by Side: Our Dream, Our Efforts”.

Trees for Tomorrow: Saplings planted by LIBA students to make the campus greener!!

networksAs a precursor to Beacon’12, students of Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) initiated a campus greening move called Trees for Tomorrow on January 31st Martyrs day. Planting a tree has long been a suggestion to better the earth, possibly even preceding the outcry and warning of global warming, water crisis, etc.