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Jesuit Curia joins ‘Flights for Forests’ initiative

Flights for Forest is a carbon offset scheme developed by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific, and involves Limerick-born Jesuit, Pedro Walpole SJ The project trains and supports young adults to actively manage and protect vulnerable indigenous forests in parts of the Philippines. The scheme will provide updates every six months on progress, to the Irish Curia.

Mbare environment group launches Waste containment area as Typhoid hits Mbare

The Team Up to Clean Up Mbare led by Fr Isaac Fernandes SJ, the Parish priest of St Peter’s, successfully launched a new and first Waste Containment area slab in a bid to improve waste management. Fr Isaac commended the community members who formed the Team up to Clean Up Mbare group for the continuous commitment to a clean and safer community saying the efforts will go a long way in rewriting the narrative for Mbare.

Care for Our Common Home: Protect Clean Air and Clean Water!

Yesterday, the President signed an Executive Order attacking the Clean Power Plan and other critical environmental and climate change safeguards that protect our common home and public health. This Executive Order not only reverses previous efforts to address climate change, but also promotes the further extraction and production of fossil fuels on federal lands. This represents a significant step backwards when it comes to protecting clean air and water, addressing worsening climate change and protecting poor and vulnerable people.

Eco Club Establishment in Haleshwor Secondary School, Suri Dolakha

Suri is one of the remote villages of Dolakha district. 99% and 97% of the households still depend on firewood for cooking and lightening respectively. Similarly 31% of household do not have toilet (Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission Secretariat 2014). These issues contribute to gradual environmental degradation. As a part of our scheme to promote environmental health, NJSI recently formed an Eco club in Haleshwor Secondary school in Suri Dolakha on 2nd March, 2018. This is the first Eco club established under the supervision of NJSI.

Do We Care for Our Environment?

One of the most common sights in urban India is a herd of cows around a garbage bin, apparently having a ‘royal feast’ of leftovers and other rotten thrash dumped into them, which are usually tied into plastic bags. Sadly these bovines, cannot but help swallow the complete ‘parcel’ – plastic and all. This indeed is the irony and tragedy of India today! Whilst a fringe group of extremists, have no qualms of conscience in murdering innocent people for apparently ‘eating beef’; these very same bigots will not bat an eyelid when the cows ingest plastic bag litter and die a slow but painful death.

MADAGASCAR – Reforestation and Care of Creation gives Future to a Nation

“Plant trees and support care of Creation to give Madagascar a future”. This is the aim of the project of reforestation and training for the sustainable economy carried out in Ikalamavony and Solila by the diocese of Fianarantsoa, along with “Fe y Alegría“, an organization born in the fifties of the century to promote education, and “Magis“, an NGO of the Italian Jesuits. Madagascar is an island with a vast forest heritage. The endemism rate resulting from this island nation is close to 85%, making most of the animal and plant species unique in the world.