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1001 saplings planted on environment day

On environment day, June 5 of 2018, students and staff of St.Xavier’s Thumba planted 1001 saplings in and off the campus. Sri. P Felix (President, Kadinamkulam Grama Panchayath), Dr. Fr. v Y Dasappan S J (Principal), Dr. J Justus, Smt. Edna richard (Vice-Principals), and Dr. harish S R (Nature Club Co-ordinator) addressed the gathering.

2018 NY Vegan Living Program

The Sustainability Institute at Molloy College invites you to the 2018 NY Vegan Living Program from June 2, 2018 to June 30, 2018 at the Molloy College Suffolk Center, 7180 Republic Airport, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Want to go vegan, but need some help and support? Be a Vegan Pledge in the 2018 New York Vegan Living Program!

Are We Eating Ourselves to Death? (A Woodstock Forum)

fruits_veggiesOur patterns of food consumption, both individually and collectively, could have a major impact on the life of the planet far into the future. As business leaders pursue innovative solutions for a new “green economy,” municipalities begin thinking about “food security” and words like “locavore” make their way into our dictionaries, do religious traditions like Roman Catholicism have anything to offer?

Be a Locavore

melcherpic3Sarah Melcher
Department of Theology

My decision to become a ?locavore? ?one who commits to eating food grown or produced locally?dates back to April 19, 2005. That evening, Vandana Shiva was a speaker for the Ethics/Religion and Society lecture series. After her excellent lecture on the environment from a global perspective, I had the opportunity to talk with Vandana as we walked back to the Brueggeman Center. I asked what I might do to help with environmental issues. She said, ?Buy locally; eat locally. Raise as much of your own food as you can in your circumstances.?