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Madagascar – Reforestation and Care of Creation gives Future to a Nation

“Plant trees and support care of Creation to give Madagascar a future”. This is the aim of the project of reforestation and training for the sustainable economy carried out in Ikalamavony and Solila by the diocese of Fianarantsoa, along with “Fe y Alegría“, an organization born in the fifties of the century to promote education, and “Magis“, an NGO of the Italian Jesuits.

Environmental Project Gonzaga “PRAGO”

The ecological group is made up of students from the fourth to eleventh grades and is coordinated by a professor of Natural Sciences, who deals with the permanent reflection on environmental issues, campaigns and care of the school’s forest, as well as follow-up on what is refers to maintenance and reforestation of this beautiful lung for the city. On the other hand, this group develops activities that allow it to be in line with the world celebrations, raising awareness and raising awareness about the most important environmental problems to the entire educational community.

Malawian Ecology in Daily Life

Pope Francis invites us “to acknowledge our contribution, smaller or greater, to the disfigurement and destruction of creation”. In other words, what is needed is not only the change of some countries or some people but the change of the whole of humanity. Each of us, at a personal level, is responsible for the global ecological crisis. Consequently, each person has to change his or her habits in order to preserve “our common home”.

Experimental farm professor “Andrés Vloeberg”

Our experimental farm “Andrés Vloeberg” is located in the Madre Vieja Sur sector at 3.4 kilometers, approximately 10 minutes from the physical plant of the Instituto Politécnico Loyola (IPL). The production of the same one is divided in: cunicultura, porcicultura, ovine upbringing and pecuaria; On the other hand there is the area of ​​nurseries of ornamental fruit trees and nurseries.

Plantar Un Árbol, Un Deseo En Manta

15 estudiantes de la U.E. José de Anchieta Fe y Alegría becados por “Gol para Educar” participaron en la siembra de árboles junto a los colaboradores de Claro Ecuador, el 18 de abril en la ciudad de Manta, junto a la ciclo ruta de la Vía Manta – San Mateo a la altura del Km 5. Mediante esta actividad se busca generar conciencia por el cuidado del medio ambiente, con la colaboración de la Fundación La Iguana, la cual dió una explicación de cómo realizar la siembra de un árbol. Se escribieron mensajes en papeles reciclados con deseos y semillas de árboles para que los siembren en sus casas.

Botanical garden Gaspar Xuárez sj

The mission of this botanical garden is to establish itself as a national center for conservation, will research, education and sustainable use of biodiversity in the central region of Argentina.