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Helping ex-prisoners in Thailand reintegrate into society

The Emmaus Center is situated on a two-acre lot in Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai, and is focussed on organic farming.  The main office building, Emmaus House, was completed two months ago, on May 29, and by next month, Kep hopes to have the house fully furnished and operational.  There are plans to engage in handicraft and carpentry work, especially making small furniture and utensils that can be used in the house and farm.  The team hopes to include carpentry in its skills training programme in the future.

‘Holy Cross Summer Course Explores Realities of Food Production’

“Meal time will never be the same again!” That’s how Christopher Staysniak, visiting lecturer of history at the College of the Holy Cross, started the six-week summer course titled “Food and Power” back in June. According to Staysniak, a key goal of the course is to get students to think about where their food comes from, and who is providing it. Through readings, guest speakers, and field trips, the history class analyzed American food from different cultural, economic, environmental, and sociological angles.

The Integral Agroecological Project of INEA, in the Congress of Deputies

The INEA Foundation has developed in recent years the Integral Agroecological Project that has become an example of agroecological experience before deputies and senators this Friday. During the Conference  ‘Expand Agroecology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals‘, at the seat of the Congress of Deputies, the professor of INEA Irene Guerrero has exposed the keys that make it one of the nine experiences selected by the Spanish Society of Ecological Agriculture and Agroecology (SEAE) to share for its relevance, its achievements and challenges. 


Este año, el octavo trueque reunio a más de 300 personas, diferentes actores Sociales (indigenas, afrodescendientes y ampesinos). Asimismo a instituciones entidades privadas Públicas y que con trabajan procesos de agroecología en la region. Mientras se llevaba a cabo el Proceso del trueque en las diferentes mesas, de Manera simultánea se hizo un compartir que aportaron las Veredas de los diferentes municipios que hicieron presencia, permitiendo Así Degustar a los asistentes variedad de recetas producidas por los Mismos campesinos con productos agroecológicos.

Nitlapan forma parte de plataforma mundial sobre agricultura familiar

Conectar actores claves de la agricultura familiar como organizaciones de agricultores, universidades, organizaciones no gubernamentales, agencias de desarrollo, instituciones estatales, así como Institutos de Investigación y desarrollo como Nitlapan de la Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), es el objetivo de la nueva Plataforma de Conocimientos sobre Agricultura Familiar (PCAF) que lanzó su red mundial en días pasados.

How the world’s newest Jesuit university is promoting sustainable agriculture

DRC’s abundant natural resources are not only to be found underground. Any new visitor to the country cannot fail to appreciate the land’s rich vegetation and fertile farmland. And yet despite its excellent soil and climatic conditions, DRC needs to import much of its food from neighbouring countries. The agricultural sector is perhaps another victim of the mineral resource curse.