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Agroecology is not only about food: a new project analyses its dimensions and impacts

Agroecology is an encompassing concept related to the environmental, socio-cultural, economic and political spheres of our society. It involves a way of producing, distributing and consuming food as well as developing food policies that is mindful of concepts like equality, solidarity, democracy, empowerment and ecology. The launch of this new project today in Rome is timely: it takes place just after the UN Commission on the Status of Women being focused on rural women this year.

Eco-rice festival celebrated in alfresco ambiance

Tarumitra students celebrate the Solar feast of Makar Sankranti  as Chura Dahi parv, essentially as a festival of the Sun by reverentially consuming rice, curd and sesame seeds. Traditionally people all over the state organize a repast made of flattened rice, sesame seeds and freshly made curd for the occasion.

How the world’s newest Jesuit university is promoting sustainable agriculture

DRC’s abundant natural resources are not only to be found underground. Any new visitor to the country cannot fail to appreciate the land’s rich vegetation and fertile farmland. And yet despite its excellent soil and climatic conditions, DRC needs to import much of its food from neighbouring countries. The agricultural sector is perhaps another victim of the mineral resource curse.

Camponeses realizam práticas agroecológicas em Encruzilhada

No dia 20 de maio, foi realizado o primeiro dia de campo da equipe de ATER (Assistência Técnica de Extensão Rural) junto a Associação de Água Preta no município de Encruzilhada na Bahia. A atividade contou com a presença de camponeses e camponesas da região, que discutiram as mudanças em suas vidas a partir da agroecologia.

San Isidro 2019 Huertos ecológicos

Una fiesta tradicional ya en INEA en honor al legado de san Isidro. Un santo del siglo XI, patrón de los agricultores, que transmite al hombre y a la mujer de hoy un mensaje que va más allá de las labores del campo. El obispo auxiliar de Valladolid, Luis Argüello, que ha presidido la misa en INEA en honor al santo, resumió su legado en el cuidado del trabajo en toda su dimensión.

They propose to leave the transgenic and to promote the Agroecology in Nicaragua

In the National Forum: Transgenics a risk for agriculture in Nicaragua carried out at the UCA, some 250 producers in Nicaragua alerted the population about the risks of transgenic crops and how, through agroecological practices with creole seeds, it is assured not only food and nutrition security, but rather to reduce the adverse effects of climate change.