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National Green Corps

national_green_corpsNational Green Corps is a programme of the Ministry of Environment and Forests Government of India, which aims to provide opportunities for students   to understand the Environment and Environmental problems. NGC Students participate in activities related to Biodiversity Conservation, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation and Land Use Planning and Resource Management. To promote Environmental discipline and Environmental responsibility among the students.


eriThe institute’s mission is to create a better world through research, publications and extension activities in the realm of environment, sustainable agriculture and human welfare by evolving alternate eco-friendly technologies and by training children and farmers to become agents of environmental protection and sustainable agriculture.

Green Means Go: Creating a Sustainable World

green_lauraLAURA WAINER, MSEM ’06, is boot high in the San Francisco Bay mud again. The musky smell of peat permeates her hair, skin, and nostrils as she leads volunteers planting pickleweed.

Faculty Research: Take a sneak peak at our faculty’s water-related research

water_students_6Stated and Revealed Preferences for Improved Water Services in Guatemala: This project investigates household willingness to pay and work for improvements in water services in the small town of San Lorenzo in western Guatemala. The project also investigates the determinants of nonpayment of water bills and averting behaviors such as in-home water treatment and consumption of bottled water.