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Let this sink in: We’ve already used up a year’s worth of Earth’s resources

Earth Overshoot Day marks yearly point when human consumption outpaces the planet’s ability to replenish resources

You may have missed it but Wednesday, the first day of August, marked Earth Overshoot Day for 2018. What exactly is Earth Overshoot Day? It is the day in any given year that the human community has used more from nature than Earth can renew in the entire year, as calculated by the Global Footprint Network.

SDG 12: When buying a cellphone becomes an issue

Many people do not realise what has gone in to producing their cellphone. They are ignorant both of the link between production and conflict, and of the impact of manufacture on the environment. The Conflict-free Technology campaign aims to change this. Production of the raw materials for just one handset, for example, can generate 75 kg of waste materials.