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Red Comparte: Curso en Economía Social y Solidaria

La red COMPARTE sigue promoviendo el desarrollo de capacidades para la mejora y fortalecimiento de las iniciativas de economía social y solidaria que están en marcha en 8 países de América Latina (Ecuador, Perú, México, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia).

AJCU-AP commits to mission of new global Jesuit higher education network

The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in Asia Pacific (AJCU-AP) has committed to support the six priorities of the newly established International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) whose mission and purpose is to “contribute to the progress of the Society’s apostolate of higher education through the application of its decrees and documents in order to promote the development of a more just and humane world for the greater glory and honour of God”. The six priorities cover civic and political leadership formation, education of the marginalised, environmental and economic justice, interreligious dialogue and understanding, leadership in the Ignatian way of proceeding, and peace and reconciliation.

Guyana: Bi-lingual Education Project for Rupunini Communities in Guyana

Paul Martin SJ, Regional Superior of Guyana, reports on a ground–breaking new education initiative for Wapichan mother-tongue children, with its roots in Jesuit accompaniment of the Rupununi communities.

Fund quality education for all

Starting February 1st and 2nd, Dakar, Senegal will host government representatives from low and lower-middle income countries and donors, multilateral and civil society organizations, as well as private sector organizations and foundations, at the Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference. These representatives are coming together under a common goal: to mobilize the funding necessary to meet the objectives established under Sustainable Development Goal 4 by 2030 and thus guarantee the right to quality education for all.

Quality Education for Transformation and Creative Leadership

Quality education brings about transformation of body, mind, heart and spirit. Since a policy is a present decision for future action, a relevant Education Policy can become a critical and effective change agent for the transformation of India and its people.

Jaime: the quality of education for Colombia

Jaime Benjumea, pedagogical subdirector from Bogotá- Tolima and pedagogical coordinator from concesioned schools to Fe y Alegría Colombia shares with us what quality education implies: learnings for life, fair and dignifying salaries to teachers and curriculum student self centered in their interests.