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The Saint and the Dynamo in the 21st Century

Twenty-first century human beings are needy creatures. Extending beyond the bare necessities of food, water, clean air, and shelter, our needs and wants require vast amounts of mineral resources and energy. A critical concern is the relationship between the spiritual life and energy consumption. This reflection has been prompted in part by the Affordable Energy Proposal released by the EPA last week to replace the Obama administration’s Clean Power Act. Ostensibly, both documents aim to address climate change by mandating electrical utilities to reduce the emissions of  climate change-inducing carbon and fine particulates, which have been connected to respiratory problems like asthma.

Establishing a Water Institute in Javeriana University

Part of the 2016-2021 plan of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia is the establishment of the Instituto del Agua de la Universidad Javeriana (Javeriana Water Institute) that will specialize on the study of water from a wider and multi-sectoral vision to include transportation, supply and uses, recreation, sanitation, conservation and impact on biodiversity, hazards, and engages with broader civil society.

Education and health: inseparable companion

Sometimes, answering a question with another question is not really enlightening; however, on this occasion it is convenient to do so and no special skills are required to answer the following ones: can children or young people see their right to education recognized if they are not healthy? Is good health influenced by education?