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Zero hunger, food security, improved nutrition, and sustainable agriculture (SDG 2)

2017_01_15_Editorial_Photo1It is disconcerting that in the 21st century, hunger remains a second priority when talking about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – after eradication of extreme poverty, one of the main causes of hunger.

The hunger problem, it would seem, should have been almost overcome, or is experienced only in pockets in certain areas of the world today.  According to the UN World Food Programme however, “some 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life.  That’s about one in nine people on earth”, even as notable advancements are achieved in food issues.

CERED: Contributing to research for sustainable development in DR Congo

2016_09_30_pp_photo1CERED is part of the Institut Supérieur Agro-Vétérinaire Saint Pierre Canisius (ISAV) and now called Faculté des sciences Agronomiques et vétérinaires (FSAV), a Jesuit institution dedicated to research in agriculture, veterinary, and sustainable development, where sustainability involves anthropological, social and economic factors.  The program is multidisciplinary and participatory, involving diverse stakeholders that include researchers, students, research technicians, as well as local communities.  Research in CERED covers both theoretical and practical aspects and topics of natural sciences and the social sciences, and puts the welfare of people at the core of the research concerns.

Huertos biointensivos de traspatio “Bio-intensive backyard gardens”

CasoSocial_HuertosBThe Division of Research and Outreach (SIV), promotes the protection, preservation, enhancement and dissemination of indigenous culture; promotes the improvement of living standards of families and not Ayuujk. Ayuujk through alternative restoration and conservation of ecosystems, the integrated management of solid waste, agricultural and forest production, and marketing them under the focus of sustainable development.

Sustainable Development – La Table de Cana Association

283_img_050813_123131La Table de Cana represents the key issues for a Sustainable Planet. Through its mission of insertion it places the human being, the main beneficiary and principal actor in the heart of this issue and supports the following roles: employer of local labor; awareness and training employees; greater consideration of the environment;Witness House nearby communities, companies, networks and society in general a friendly alternative man and his environment, richer and more fulfilling.

It promotes and supports the commitment of each of its members around the following issues: supply reasoned that favors the lowest environmental impact (local, seasonal, organic, fair, crafts …).; saving resources: water, electricity and all forms of energy … by the application of procedures, the choice of progressive clean transport, choosing products with lower packaging …respect for the environment: the use of biodegradable cleaning products, sorting, selection of disposable recyclable materials, compostable …

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)

SharesAlso known as Community Supported Agriculture, CSA is an alternative food access and distribution method where the customer is linked directly to the farm. The customer, or CSA member, purchases “shares” in the harvest, paying at the beginning of the season and receiving a portion of the harvest over the course of the season; thus sharing in the risk and bounty of food production.