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Latin America’s indigenous demand voice in use of their lands

catholic_register.pngLIMA, Peru – Most of the environmental battles Brother Paul McAuley fights seem endless, mainly conflicts between indigenous communities and loggers operating on their lands or oil companies that have spilled toxic substances into their waterways.

Sometimes, however, there’s a victory. In mid-October, the Peruvian government overturned a law that would have allowed water from one of the main tributaries of the Amazon River to be diverted to irrigate export agriculture operations on Peru’s desert coast, a measure critics called a political-patronage boondoggle.

Focusing on Social Justice, A Jesuit Leader Visits from Rome

red_cloud_indianFather Patxi Álvarez de los Mozos, S.J., the Secretary for Social Justice and Ecology in the Society of Jesus, spent a day at Red Cloud during his recent trip to the United States.

According to the Provincial Assistant for Social and International Ministries for the Chicago-Detroit and Wisconsin Provinces, John Sealey, Fr. Alvarez wanted to see Red Cloud’s work first hand, as it serves as a “vital and important ministry that embodies Jesuit commitment to accompany indigenous people.”

The Indigenous University of Venezuela (UIV)

bro_jose_maria_kortaEcojesuit shares this brief biographical sketch of Brother José María Korta Lasarte, SJ who tragically passed away in a traffic accident on 11 July 2013, a few days after sending the following article to be published in this issue of Ecojesuit. This biographical sketch is a resume of the article written by Father Jesús María Aguirre, SJ and can be accessed at Últimas Noticias.

Brother José Maria Korta Lasarte, SJ-Ajishäma (White Ibis)
San Sebastián, 13 February 1929 – Bolívar State, 11 July 2013


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