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Judiciary is a lifeline for indigenous rights, prosecutor says

In a government where the ruralists take the plunge in indigenist politics, with hindsight, is justice the last hope of the indigenous peoples? Those who are against the socio-environmental advance that Brazil had, especially in the last 20 years, are now in power, both in the Executive and in the Legislative .

Guyana: Bi-lingual Education Project for Rupunini Communities in Guyana

Paul Martin SJ, Regional Superior of Guyana, reports on a ground–breaking new education initiative for Wapichan mother-tongue children, with its roots in Jesuit accompaniment of the Rupununi communities.

Jesuits in US and Canada Oppose Pipeline at Standing Rock

The Jesuits in the USA and Canada have described as “morally unacceptable” the decision by the US Army Corps to resume the process that would establish a pipeline that would cross under the Missouri River north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. They claim that it would violate the rights of the indigenous peoples and would threaten their water supplies.

At global forums, church leaders advocate for safe water for all

Access to clean water is a fundamental right must be a global priority, said Catholic leaders present at the 8th World Water Forum and the Alternative World Water Forum. Catholic representatives spoke about the need to find ways to create a sustainable supply of fresh drinking water for all, especially the poorer populations around the world.

Collaboration in the SJPAM: Experience in the Peruvian Amazon. By: Eduardo Anaya Sanromán, SJ

We share the testimony of Eduardo Anaya Sanromán, SJ about his experience in the Jesuit Service to Panamazonia (SJPAM)

Canadian Catholics support new office to oversee global mining interests

“In the end, the mining companies have won over the government, who lets them do whatever they want and gives concessions to everyone. So, I am calling on Canadians to react, to write to the government so that there is justice and respect for the environment.”  Bishop Guy Charbonneau, who presides over Choluteca, Honduras, made that call in 2013. A Canadian and a member of the Quebec Foreign Missions Society, like all three preceding bishops in Choluteca, Bishop Charbonneau issued this plea to his home country during a campaign on mining industries from Development and Peace, the official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada.