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Jesuits in US and Canada Oppose Pipeline at Standing Rock

The Jesuits in the USA and Canada have described as “morally unacceptable” the decision by the US Army Corps to resume the process that would establish a pipeline that would cross under the Missouri River north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. They claim that it would violate the rights of the indigenous peoples and would threaten their water supplies.

At global forums, church leaders advocate for safe water for all

Access to clean water is a fundamental right must be a global priority, said Catholic leaders present at the 8th World Water Forum and the Alternative World Water Forum. Catholic representatives spoke about the need to find ways to create a sustainable supply of fresh drinking water for all, especially the poorer populations around the world.

Collaboration in the SJPAM: Experience in the Peruvian Amazon. By: Eduardo Anaya Sanromán, SJ

We share the testimony of Eduardo Anaya Sanromán, SJ about his experience in the Jesuit Service to Panamazonia (SJPAM)

Seeking environment and economic justice in the Pan-Amazonia

2018_01_31_Reflection_Photo2-e1517794137931Pan-Amazonia is a territory that encompasses areas of nine countries with seven million square kilometers and covers a third of all of South America.  The future of the planet depends a lot on the Amazon basin.  The future of all human beings also depends on our taking care of these living spaces, these forests, these waters, but above all, the wealth and knowledge of its peoples.

Indigenous People

The Jesuits in the provinces of Ranchi, Madhya Pradesh, Hazaribag, Jamshedpur, Dumka-Raiganj and in the Kohima region are predominantly involved in the ministry among the Adivasi/indigenous/tribal peoples. The Jesuits in the provinces of Calcutta and Darjeeling in the east, Gujarat and Bombay in the west and in the region of Nepal are also working among the Adivasi/tribals to a great extent. Thus, the Jesuit ministry among the Adivasi/indigenous/tribal peoples in South Asian Assistancy has a unique significance for the Jesuits all over the world.

XSF holds first IP color run

ip_runThe I Run for Preservation of culture, Protection of Forests and Peace (IP Run) was spearheaded by the Xavier University – College of Agriculture (XUCA) in partnership with the Xavier Science Foundation (XSF) and the Institute of Land Governance (ILG). It aimed to raise funds for the indigenous peoples (IP) scholars in Talakag and Pangantucan, Bukidnon, the partner lumad communities of XSF.