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Nearly 600 Institutions Back Catholic Climate Declaration

Close to 600 institutions have signed the Catholic Climate Declaration, which renews Catholic support for continuing U.S. actions to address climate change despite backpedaling by the the Trump administration.

10th Annual Earth Hour Breakfast held by St. Ignatius College, Riverview

The Earth Hour Breakfast is a yearly event held by St. Ignatius College, Riverview aimed at bringing communities together to inspire action beyond Earth Hour through talks, presentations, and engaging activities.

Catholic Divestment Toolkit Launched

A groundbreaking new resource has been released to assist Catholic institutions in making decisions about their investments in fossil fuels. The toolkit, titled “Ethical Investments in an Era of Climate Change,” equips church leaders, financial officers, and other decision-makers to assess their investment decisions in the light of Catholic Social Teaching. It is the first global resource of its kind.

Boston College’s Student Government Calls for Divestment

The Student Assembly of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College passed a resolution calling upon the University to divest from existing funds in fossil fuel companies within the next five years. It also requests BC to immediately freeze any new or future investment in fossil fuel companies.

Jesuit Social Services joins Stop Adani Alliance

Jesuit Social Services is voicing its opposition to the Carmichael coal project by joining the Stop Adani Alliance, and calls on other community sector organisations to advocate against the project.  “We recognise that social and environmental justice are inextricably linked, and are committed to ecological justice,” says Jesuit Social Services Acting CEO Sally Parnell. “This project would have substantially negative climate impacts including significant damage to the Great Barrier Reef. The estimated carbon emissions associated with the project – 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas – are morally, politically and practically unacceptable.

Economics of climate change: the economical debt?

Climate change has many dimensions: physical, social, political and also economical. Mitigation is a challenge to our economies. Waiting is not longer an option. We tend to associate climate change with phenomena such as typhoons, floods or droughts. But it has economic implications too and the purpose of this article is to look at some of these.