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Signing the Paris Agreement and understanding Earth as our Mother on Earth Day

2016_04_30_Editorial_Photo1Earth Day, celebrated 22 April, is the annual event which brings together millions of people from around the globe to express support for environmental protection.  Earth Day 2016 marks the 46th anniversary of the first Earth Day which is often credited as playing a fundamental role in launching the modern environmental movement.

More recently, the concept has been expanded to become International Mother Earth Day, based on the simple yet profound recognition of the interconnectedness between all species on Earth and with the Earth itself, and the need for humanity to live in greater harmony with the natural environment.

Exploring the new universe story

DT09052Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ Encyclical on ecology, and the Paris Conference on Climate Change have brought to our attention the urgent steps needed if the variety of Life on Planet Earth is to be preserved. Taking these issues on board, this course will place them in a deeper and broader context, namely that of the New Universe Story. What science is telling us about our origins and how we can respond creatively and spiritually will be explored.

Dialogue with Buddhists on ecology and faith

2016.03.buddhist_christian_workshop_discussionJesuits and Buddhist monks and nuns came together in early March to share and dialogue on ecology and religions in a workshop organised by the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.

Organised locally by Fr Lawrence Soosai SJ of the Patna Jesuit Province, the three-day workshop was held in India, in the city of Bodhgaya where the Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment, and which is one of the holiest of Buddhist cities.

MAGIS 2016 Poland

top-logo2-620x270MAGIS is a meeting of young people (ages 18-30) from all over the world who are interested in Ignatian spirituality (more). The program offers an opportunity to share a unique experience at three distinct levels: individual growth, relationships with God and others, and intercultural dialogue.

If you want to enjoy the MAGIS experience, be sure to mark the dates of July 15-31, 2016 in your calendar (the MAGIS program ends on July 25, when World Youth Day starts) (more)

The central figure of the program is Jesus Christ. The purpose of the entire event is to help you meet Him, experience His unconditional love and discover His presence in your everyday life.

Children can plant trees too!

IMG_2652-800x600During the months of January and February, Ms. Sona Yom and  the kindergarten teachers at both schools, Dey Lo and Phnom Bak, are keen that all the children learn how to plant trees and vegetables.   The children are eager planters. Many families can create small plots close to their houses.  Even though the area here is poor, the earth is fertile and rich in nutrients for trees and plants.  However during the dry season, it is difficult to find water unless one has prepared ponds from the previous year’s rainy season.

Schedule of Earth Week 2016 Events

Earth Day 2016 poster  11x17April 13, 2016, Wednesday,  7:00-8:15 pm  The DeNaples Center Ballroom(407)  Spring Sustainability Symposium.  60 minute presentation and panel discussion   Topic for the evening:  “Climate Change, A Time for Change”.