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Fascination of Plants

fascinacion-plantas-web-1_FotorMonday May 18 different activities took place on the campus of the UCC as part of the international celebration of the Day of the Fascination of Plants.

In the UCC lived a special day: the dissertation took place “Discovering our native vines”; after visits to interactive kiosks (; native that can replace agrochemicals recognition of toxic plants with medicinal use native, and viewpoint of leaves, flowers and fruits through binocular loupes native ornamental and propagation) they were made; a visit of recognition species in the Arboretum also performed Botanical Garden Gaspar Xuárez sj .

Healing Earth

healing_earthThe ecological challenges facing our world are unlike anu humanity has faced. Educating students about these pressing 21st-century challenges necessitates a 21st-century resource: a free, online environmental science textbook for upper-level secondary school and beginning college students. Such a work is the goal of the International Jesuit Ecology Project. Called Healing Earth, this books will address major ecological challenges from an integrated scientific, spiritual, and ethical perspective using an Ignatian pedagogical approach that invites students to “see scientifically, reflect spiritually, judge ethically, and act concretely.”

Loyola Retreat and Ecology Campus: Summer Courses

bio266-1280x444This summer, take a course in Loyola’s “wilderness classroom” at the Retreat and Ecology Campus and get hands-on experience in ecology, restoration and sustainability.

Nurturing Eco-Warriors in Burundi

10708403_10152823691144351_2078034930_nThe Lycee Saint-Esprit (Holy Spirit High School) is the only Jesuit-run secondary school in Burundi. While it is not as large, in comparison to other Jesuit schools in the Great Lakes Region, it is the ‘School of Excellence’, where intelligence and passion for nature have became part of the tradition. On November 21st, 2014, the environmental club of the school hosted the CYNESA Executive Director, Mr. Allen Ottaro, and organized an interactive forum during which they shared with him their local experience, hopes and desires for a clean and healthy environment.

This environmental club is like a tree nursery. The majority of the students are in the early years of their studies. What is most impressive, is their courage, their responsibility and their sense of creativity despite their young age.