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Global Recycling Day and the City of Joburg

Justice and Peace along with CYNESA and City of Joburg, Department of Environmental Affairs, PIKITUP and Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development organised for the first Global Recycling Day, an initiative of the Bureau of International Recycling in South Africa.

Environmental Project Gonzaga “PRAGO”

The ecological group is made up of students from the fourth to eleventh grades and is coordinated by a professor of Natural Sciences, who deals with the permanent reflection on environmental issues, campaigns and care of the school’s forest, as well as follow-up on what is refers to maintenance and reforestation of this beautiful lung for the city. On the other hand, this group develops activities that allow it to be in line with the world celebrations, raising awareness and raising awareness about the most important environmental problems to the entire educational community.


We are a group of professors from the San José School that has a special sensitivity for the care of Creation and that seeks to live in greater harmony with the environment. We feel the challenge of sharing with the rest of the educational community this ecological feeling and the message of care and love for our common home (in the words of Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Sî).

Green Squadron in Action

With great enthusiasm the students and professors of the second grade gave opening to the second interdisciplinary project of the degree called: “Green Squadron in action”, whose main objective is to promote the knowledge of the natural riches with which our country counts to establish commitments related to its protection, care and conservation “.

Earth Week 2018: Pledge to end Plastic Pollution

End Plastic Pollution is the global theme for Earth Day 2018. According to a World Economic Forum report, it is estimated that our oceans are polluted with 8 million tons of plastic every year, which is the equivalent of one garbage truck emptying in to the ocean every minute. By 2030, this rate is projected to increase to four trucks every minute if we continue as business-as-usual. Please consider taking our Pledge to End Plastic Pollution. By doing so, you are helping to preserve the natural resources of our common home for future generations.

The Principles of Agroecology: Towards Just, Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems

Agroecology is an encompassing concept related to the environmental, socio-cultural, economic and political spheres of our society. It involves a way of producing, distributing and consuming food as well as developing food policies that is mindful of concepts like equality, solidarity, democracy, empowerment and ecology.