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Ateneo gets 400+KW solar power, the biggest in Mindanao

More than 400 KW Solar Power will now be supplying a part of the energy needs of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU).

Solar panels installed in increments starting in 2015 in both the AdZU Salvador Campus in La Purisima and the Kreutz Campus in Tumaga, will provide the solar power worth almost P40M, making it the biggest of its kind in Mindanao.

Inspiring sustainable lifestyles through the lens

CIDSE_CONTEST_TW_1500x500Wishing to contribute to building a strong narrative for deep individual and collective changes, CIDSE (an international global alliance of 17 Catholic development agencies working together for global justice) recently launched its first international photo competition on what people and communities are doing to consume and produce food and energy in a sustainable way.

Ateneo pushes energy sustainability through solar technology

IMG_9149Known for its greening initiatives and the Ecoteneo advocacy, the Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU) is one of the pioneering academic institutions in the Philippines on energy efficiency and renewable energy through the use of solar power technology.

Dr. Randell U. Espina, the Dean of the University’s School of Engineering and Architecture, initiated the project in 2011, given the looming power crisis in Mindanao beginning 2011.

Espina stressed that it started as a research based project and has been pushed through to implementation because of the unwavering support of the University President, Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J.


reflector_to_get_extream_heatWelcome to my Renewable Energy sharing which I plan to do in this blog.I will be sharing from my past 16 years of experience in this field.

Ecological and social concerns in Korea: Areas for active collaboration

2015_08_15_NE_Photo2Reflections and activities in Korea that incorporate ecological concerns are many and are areas for collaboration among the Jesuits and partners.  Because of the environmental and social context, the issues are often broader and integrate the social concerns and needs of society in general.

Today there is growing concern for youth welfare, their studies and their work that seek an ethos that must care for needs and broader personal growth, not simply performance and the economic development thrust.

Eurojess Congress 2015: Moving from common reflection to common action for food and energy for all

feeding the planetFood and energy for all and the common discernment to engage from common reflection toward common action was the theme for the Eurojess Congress 2015  in Milan, Italy from 24 to 28 August 2015, gathering European Jesuits in Social Sciences (Eurojess)  and work collaborators.

Eurojess is a group of Jesuits and collaborators in Europe involved in social analysis and social work and who meet every two years in a congress.