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During strategic planning sessions in advance of Earth Day, faculty, university community members, students, and sustainability experts explored ways to deepen alignment between Georgetown’s sustainability efforts, its core mission and Jesuit tradition, and Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si.

“The pope has asked Jesuit universities in particular to embody the teachings of Laudato Si,” said Eugenie Dieck, vice president of strategy at Georgetown. “So he’s looking to us and to other Jesuit universities to really think about how we incorporate the teachings into our living, into our teaching, into our research, into our work and into our outreach.”

Marquette University High School Rated Highest Performing High School in Wisconsin

Marquette University High School (MUHS) in Milwaukee was recently rated as the highest performing high school in the state of Wisconsin, according to a new report by the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty.

The institute recently issued a new “apples to apples” report to compare the academic performance and test scores of Wisconsin schools across sectors (public, charter, private, and Choice). The study analyzed test scores of schools by making adjustments for demographic factors known to influence academic outcomes in order to provide a fair comparison of school results.

Fe y Alegría RD Congo ya es parte de la Federación Internacional de Fe y Alegría

Fe y Alegría RD Congo is already part of the International Fe y Alegría Federation

The admission of Fe y Alegría from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was the most important and most consoling point in the XXXIII International Assembly of Fe y Alegría, which took place from 9 to 14 April, in Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil.

The Congo, is the third country in Africa where there is presence of Fe y Alegría, first came to Chad in 2007 and then to Madagascar in 2013.

Contigo en la Misión: a Network of Solidarity and Education in Spain

Contigo en la Misión (With You in the Mission) is a joint initiative of ENTRECULTURAS and ALBOAN, as well as the Federation of Jesuit Alumni of Spain, to  promote a network of solidarity among former students of schools through local and international voluntary activities, training and awareness-raising activities, as well as supporting different initiatives of social mobilization aimed at achieving the right to education of all people.

Collaboration with Jesuit-based higher learning institutions in Myanmar and Thailand

In recent years, two Jesuit schools have been established in Myanmar and Thailand to offer higher learning to minority students belonging to diverse ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. These schools are located in areas that are challenged by poverty, income disparity, inter-ethnic coexistence and lack of educational access, the key issues of sustainable development addressed by Jesuit education. Sophia University recently began collaborating with these two institutions to tackle these issues.

Cape Town Youth Reflect on Our Common Home

Every year during the month of June, South Africans celebrate what has come to be known as the Youth Month. It is a month during which the spotlight is turned on the young people in commemoration of the Youth of 1976 who on June 16th 1976, courageously protested against the apartheid government’s policy on the education of Black children. The Youth and Young Adults of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Nyanga, Cape Town, in collaboration with the Jesuit Social Apostolate, hosted on the 17th of June, a workshop on the theme “Young People, It’s time to take care of our common Home.”