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AJCU Ecology Educators is a repository of resources for Jesuit education and Ignatian spirituality gathered and developed by the faculty and staff of Xavier University. It is our hope that you will find these resources useful in your work with board members, faculty, staff, students, retreatants, and parishioners.

Bannan Institute

Is-there-a-common-good-icon-for-web-cropped-in-1-359x332Environmental Justice and the Common Good
The 2016-2018 Bannan Institute: Is There A Common Good in Our Common Home? A Summons to Solidarity will explore pressing issues of racial and ethnic justice, economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice facing our world today, and advance the Jesuit, Catholic vocation of SCU, building a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Daring the impossible: Team up to Clean up rewriting Mbare’s history

Mbare is one of the oldest and highly populated suburbs in Harare with several open grounds full of garbage. The suburb, which is a hub for all kinds of businesses is also popular for high crime rate and drug abuse by young people. Due to its high population, the environment is not as clean, culminating to series of outbreak in diseases like Cholera and Typhoid. Fr Isaac Fernandez SJ said, “We want to change the story of Mbare and get a different narrative. We want Mbare to be at the fore front, pioneering recycling techniques and new ways of waste management.” “In our clean up, we are separating material and take organic material to the church for composting,” which will then be used to support other programmes like the school’s aquaponics.

Township Youth Discuss Taking Care of Our Common Home

Every year during the month of June, South Africans celebrate what has come to be known as the Youth Month. It is a month during which the spotlight is turned on the young people in commemoration of the Youth of 1976 who on June 16th 1976, courageously protested against the apartheid government’s policy on the education of Black children. The Youth and Young Adults of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Nyanga, Cape Town, in collaboration with the Jesuit Social Apostolate, hosted on the 17th of June, a workshop on the theme “Young People, It’s time to take care of our common Home.

What is green Ibero Campus?

Ibero Green Campus is the name by which the environmental management system (SMA) of the Universidad Iberoamericana de México is known, which arises in response to the institution’s commitment to reduce its ecological footprint. For this, it has, among other tools, an Action Plan that articulates a set of policies, activities, goals and indicators to reduce the environmental impact derived from its daily operation. Among the objectives of the SMA are: make an efficient use of resources, give an integral management to waste, comply with the existing regulation on environmental matters and improve conditions within the university campus. Likewise, the SMA is a tool for the environmental education of students.

Center for Mining and Sustainability Studies (CEMS)

The Center for Mining and Sustainability Studies (CEMS) is an area of research, education, dialog and reflection on the mining sector. Its efforts are aimed at the integration of the State, companies and communities through public policies and consensual business management. The CEMS seeks to consolidate as a technical and independent model, at national and international level, for consulting (analysis of problems and proposed solutions) and training (training of competent professionals) aimed at enhancing the sustainable development of this economic activity.