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Do We Care for Our Environment?

One of the most common sights in urban India is a herd of cows around a garbage bin, apparently having a ‘royal feast’ of leftovers and other rotten thrash dumped into them, which are usually tied into plastic bags. Sadly these bovines, cannot but help swallow the complete ‘parcel’ – plastic and all.

NIMA PUC-Rio supports the 16th Brazilian Congress of the Superior Magisterium of Environmental Law

The Interdisciplinary Nucleus of the Environment supports the 16th Brazilian Congress of the Superior Magisterium of Environmental Law. The event has “the purpose of implementing the compulsory education of Environmental Law in the undergraduate courses of all the law faculties of the country, as well as watch over its quality.”

Care of creation at primary school

“The gift of creation” and “changing our lifestyle” were the themes which the students of St. Aloysius College tackled during the week entitled “What I do is important!”. This week was organized in collaboration with the Eko-Skola team. Each class chose one of the 30 countries mostly affected by climate change, trying to understand what measures could affect the life of each country positively and negatively.

Campus Social and Environmental Project Contest

Graduating students or graduates of PUC-Rio, who attended in 2017.1 and 2017.2 the discipline Socioambiental and Human Rights (CRE 1175), are invited to participate in the Socio-environmental Project on Campus.The proposal of this subject is to stimulate the students to construct practices to be applied in the university.

A Horta do 1º ano

Segundo a professora Julianne Armstrong, as turmas aprendem sobre o ciclo de vida das plantas e sua relação com o solo, água e clima, e também que o cuidado que dedicamos a elas é crucial para o desenvolvimento de uma horta rica e diversa. “O plantio de diferentes tipos de hortaliças já foi realizado, agora é só cuidar e esperar para que no fim do semestre as crianças façam uma colheita deliciosa”, comenta a educadora.

Agricultural Schools

The School Family Agricultural of the MEPES, is a school organization that maintains the learning and professional formation for the young people of the field. It introduced in Latin America and adopts the Alternation Pedagogy, assuring the youngsters of the EFAs an integral formation that covers professional, humanitarian, social, ethical, spiritual and environmental aspects, qualifying them legally, both to continue studies and to devote professional life, family property or outside.