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Waste: the African problem

We are often led to think that questions surrounding the environment, waste and pollution are a problem for wealthy nations and large multinational corporations. In this piece, Togolese Jesuit Jean Amegble interrogates this myth showing that although developed nations may have much for which to account, the problem of waste is a problem created by all people, even the poorest.

Do We Care for Our Environment?

One of the most common sights in urban India is a herd of cows around a garbage bin, apparently having a ‘royal feast’ of leftovers and other rotten thrash dumped into them, which are usually tied into plastic bags. Sadly these bovines, cannot but help swallow the complete ‘parcel’ – plastic and all.

Curriculum on Laudato Si’: Laudato Si’ Can Change the World

The Carmelite NGO presents the Curriculum on Laudato Si’, which teaches high school students around the world the wisdom of Pope Francis’ earth-care Encyclical. The Curriculum is for grades 9-12, with an adult Study Guide for college classes and study groups.

NIMA PUC-Rio supports the 16th Brazilian Congress of the Superior Magisterium of Environmental Law

The Interdisciplinary Nucleus of the Environment supports the 16th Brazilian Congress of the Superior Magisterium of Environmental Law. The event has “the purpose of implementing the compulsory education of Environmental Law in the undergraduate courses of all the law faculties of the country, as well as watch over its quality.”

At Sustainable Cities Conference, a Glimmer of Hope

In his keynote remarks at the opening ceremony for the International Conference on Sustainable Cities on May 1, Steve Cohen, Ph.D., senior advisor, Columbia University Earth Institute, said he believes that humans will learn from their mistakes and reverse course on polluting the environment.

Loyola University Chicago Climate Change Conference Focuses on Public Health Issues

Loyola University Chicago hosted its fifth annual climate change conference in March, bringing together students, professors, experts from Jesuit universities and partners from across the United States, Canada and the world. “Climate Change and Human Health: 21st Century Challenges” examined how we must continue to work together to address the global challenge of climate change.