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Concordia’s Waste Not, Want Not campaign aims to complete the compost cycle on campus

Just how much organic waste does Concordia collect? Since Waste Not, Want Notstarted in September 2016, more than 143 metric tonnes have been collected in the compost bins with orange lids. Fifty-seven metric tonnes of this total would have previously ended up in landfills.

Waste Not, Want Not is a collaboration between Concordia students, faculty, staff and the administration. It aims to establish a complete compost cycle at the university.

Become a sustainable Concordian

Here’s how you can help the university reduce its environmental impact. Want to get involved in sustainability? Looking for some tips on how to lighten your ecological footprint on campus? Concordia offers students, staff and faculty more ways to get involved in campus sustainability efforts than you’ll find time for.

Teaching with UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has promulgated 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that relate to many different aspects of sustainability. For example: Good Health and Well-being; Quality Education; Clean Water and Sanitation; Climate Action; Partnerships for the Goals.
This event will be a workshop for faculty to familiarize them with the goals and engage them in including the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their curriculum.

Volunteer Opportunity with EcoPledge and 4 Oceans!

Join EcoPledge volunteers on Saturday, September 15th from 9:00-11:00 am as we head to Revere Beach in Massachussetts to work with members of 4 Oceans to clean up the coast. 4 Oceans is a US-based and sustainably focused jewlery company that is celebrating International Oceans Day with volunteers like you to keep pur coastal environments clean. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Stevie Walker of EcopPledge at

Red Comparte: Curso en Economía Social y Solidaria

La red COMPARTE sigue promoviendo el desarrollo de capacidades para la mejora y fortalecimiento de las iniciativas de economía social y solidaria que están en marcha en 8 países de América Latina (Ecuador, Perú, México, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia).

Cultivating the Jesuit identity of the social apostolate

The JCAP social apostolate workshop, “Cultivating the Jesuit Identity of Social Ministries”, sought to answer these questions, and address organisational weaknesses often found in Jesuit social centres.  Most of the 32 Jesuits and lay collaborators who gathered at Seven Fountains, Chiang Mai from August 13 to 17 were new directors and staff of Jesuit social centres in the region.