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Belo Monte, Pará. Canadian company disembarks from mining company Belo Sun

The Canadian company Agnico said it will sell its shares of Belo Sun miner in Pará . The statement was made after Avaaz , an organization that organizes virtual undersigned, sent the miner a petition with more than 700,000 accessions against gold exploration on the site.

Global mining survey shows pollution a concern in areas where Jesuits work

Environmental contamination, especially pollution of water sources, is causing significant concern in areas where Jesuits are based, according to a global survey conducted by the Justice in Mining Network. The survey also showed there is strong interest in mining justice issues, but indicated that many Jesuits and lay colleagues feel they have insufficient knowledge and expertise to take action.

Invitation to Join an Emergency Faith Delegation to Honduras

We are writing to you on behalf of Father Melo (Rev. Ismael Moreno, SJ), the Jesuit who has accompanied the Honduran people for more than 20 years. He is appealing to the international community for immediate help: “We need you to organize delegations that come to accompany us, to witness what is happening here and to share it with the world.” This delegation of ecumenical faith leaders will do exactly that.

(*UFMJ Note: Read, “Canadian Mining and Popular Resistance in Honduras,” to get an idea of how the Canadian mining sector, notably Goldcorp Inc., has played a destabilizing role in Honduras contributing to violence and repression of civilians.)

Climate change is a justice issue

The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice has made a submission on climate change to the Citizens’ Assembly, which will convene in Dublin this weekend. Their submission is one of 1,200 responses by groups and individuals to the question, “How can the state become a leader in tackling climate change?” In this interview with Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications, Catherine Devitt, Environmental Justice Officer with the JCFJ, outlines the nature of their submission.

Silveira House Empowering mine affected communities

Today the centre continues to provide a safe-space for deep reflection and formation in a post-liberation Zimbabwe, which faces new issues and challenges. One major challenge is injustices associated with the mining sector. Silveira House director Fr Gibson Munyoro SJ together with members of the advocacy and peace-building team explained how they are working with communities who are affected by mines.

Since 2013 they have been especially involved with two cases. The first is a community next to a black granite mine in Mutoko lying in the Mashonland East province, about 143km from Harare. The people close to the quarry have suffered greatly, including from the dumping of waste on their agricultural lands. The second is a community close to a coal mine in Hwange in the western province of Matabeleland North.

Center for Mining and Sustainability Studies (CEMS)

The Center for Mining and Sustainability Studies (CEMS) is an area of research, education, dialog and reflection on the mining sector. Its efforts are aimed at the integration of the State, companies and communities through public policies and consensual business management. The CEMS seeks to consolidate as a technical and independent model, at national and international level, for consulting (analysis of problems and proposed solutions) and training (training of competent professionals) aimed at enhancing the sustainable development of this economic activity.