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Development and Peace and Caritas Nepal provide assistance to Nepal earthquake victims

Development and Peace, in partnership with Caritas Nepal, provided emergency assistance and shelter to disaster victims of two violent earthquakes in the Nepalese districts of Gorkha and Sindhupalchok.

Justice in Mining: Protecting human rights and the environmen

2016_09_30_ne_photo1Justice in Mining  is a Global Ignatian Advocacy Network that works to protect human rights and the environment, and seeks to ensure mining only occurs where issues of equity and sustainability are addressed. Its new website, launched on 31 July 2016, Feast Day of Saint Ignatius, builds on its Facebook  presence, and is part of a communications strategy to help build awareness of human rights and environmental issues relating to mining.

Protecting an Island

jeju_islandI am already in my 6th month in Jeju Prison after I was arrested by the Korean Coast Guard while monitoring the Gangjeong Sea environment with other peace activists. I am passing the time in my solidarity cell by praying, reading books, and writing letters. I have the chance to bump into other prisoners during our daily hour of exercise time. It’s somewhat busy time for me, as I get accustomed to this new apostolic work in prison. I gave thanks for prayers and support by the Jesuits and many people. I feel consoled that I’m not alone in prayer.

Ecology and Development Project

cocLogo-white-on-blue-modified_0The human community is intimately and intrinsically connected with the whole of Creation. We cannot thrive, nor in many cases survive, outside of healthy and diverse ecosystems. Yet the marked realities of global warming, loss of biodiversity, and the contamination and depletion of water and soil resources make it ever more clear that the path we are on is self-destructive and unsustainable.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Program Aims

7_0Initiate, coordinate, and support the development of multi disciplinary research that identify communities at risk to climate change and disaster impacts. Develop, coordinate, and assist in the implementation, mainstreaming of programs that assist vulnerable communities reduce the risk to disasters and climate change.

Local Wisdom, Risk Resilience and Adaptation

risk_resilienceMore than 1.6 billion people have been affected by disasters in East Asia and Pacific since 2000 (EM-DAT 2012). In 2011, disaster losses amounted to $380 billion. East Asia sustained 80% of these losses in the first nine months. Disasters can push affected households further into debt, with the poor carrying the greatest debt burden.