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Fr General on disaster preparedness

jesuits_zimbabweThis is a slightly shortened version of a letter from Fr General, Adolfo Nicolás SJ to major superiors on 12 March 2012.  It is published here on the Jesuits Zimbabwe website to assist us to reflect on how we in Zimbabwe respond to natural and human-made disasters.

There was, for example an occasion in recent years where a large number of families fled to Silveira House for refuge after being displaced from their homes.  This was a man-made disaster.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Program Aims

7_0Initiate, coordinate, and support the development of multi disciplinary research that identify communities at risk to climate change and disaster impacts. Develop, coordinate, and assist in the implementation, mainstreaming of programs that assist vulnerable communities reduce the risk to disasters and climate change.

The Climate Change and Disaster Risk Program Aims

6_1Establish the collaborative network of multi discipline research in climate change and disaster risk in the Ateneo. Facilitate the development of a University framework for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Research

Manila Observatory – Climate Change and Disaster Risk

4_0We also work closely with the Manila Observatory, which has done pioneering studies on atmospheric sciences (especially climate and weather), and geo-hazards.
The program creates opportunities for the research outputs of the University to feed into policy, design of systems, and communication strategies, which are vital for managing both short and long-term disaster prevention, preparation, and response.