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Realizing the power of struggle and lived faith

2016_15_01_P&P_Photo1JCAP Reconciliation with Creation team

The Scholastics and Brothers Circle (SBC) of Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP) selected disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) as their annual workshop theme for 2015 and for 12 days in December, they gathered in Tacloban in Leyte, Philippines engaging directly with communities, local governments and Church groups and learned how people are recovering and actively participating in the reconstruction and rehabilitation.

The JCAP-DRRM protocol was also a focus and helped develop the framework for post-disaster response. Protocol is about learning how to act as one in the broader Jesuit network and make decisions that connect all and coordinate action for more coherent in the broader movement for action.

Reconciling with creation: Ecology and a “culture of poverty”

culture of poverty - fr patxiToday there is an increasing ecological awareness in communities throughout the world as we see mounting evidence of environmental devastation.We realize more than ever that our destiny is linked to the life of the planet, and yet Earth itself is in danger of being destroyed by human actions. The next few decades will be decisive in determining the kind of future coming generations will have to face. The environment will be a constant preoccupation and will require hard decisions. We are clearly at a crossroads and face challenges in many areas. Those who are most harmed by the present situation are the poor, especially those most exposed to environmental deterioration and natural disasters.

Asian Jesuits develop protocol for disaster response

1429786078The Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) is developing a protocol that outlines steps for Jesuits in responding to disasters in the region aiming to increase collaboration in management and reduce risk.

The protocol seeks to integrate Jesuits’ area disaster engagement on the ground while networking with national and international organisations in support of the communities affected.

Working with Creation

pwg_broIn Asia Pacific when the typhoons come across the ocean, life is anything but passive. How we learn and what we learn in order to secure human life and sustainability of our environment is determining our future. Three years ago, Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP) committed to seeking reconciliation with creation. Beginning with an environmental way of proceeding that stems from gratitude, we have sought to learn, network and engage with greater care for the world God created.