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Jesuit Hakimani Centre improving equity and faireness in water management in Garissa County

Jesuit Hakimani Center has been working with the select Religious Leaders, Civil Society Organizations, and Water Service Providers to improve equity and fairness in water management for communities most affected by the adverse climate in Garissa County. Severe water scarcity in Garissa County is associated with extreme climate variability and deficiencies in water governance.

Call for Jesuit bodies to abandon fossil fuel investments

Father Pedro Walpole says investment decisions can help combat climate change

Jesuit institutions should withdraw from investments in the fossil fuel industry, according to environmental campaigner Father Pedro Walpole. In a video produced by Ecojesuit, Father Walpole stresses that climate change, as evidenced by extreme weather events such as typhoons, requires immediate action to stem the use of fossil fuels.

El Cambio Climático en el mundo: una reflexión desde Laudato Si’

Este año ha sido especialmente marcado por fenómenos climáticos extremos en diversos lugares del mundo. En el Perú, El Niño Costero produjo pérdidas de vidas y daños sociales y materiales en trece regiones. Si bien históricamente las poblaciones han sufrido numerosas veces los efectos de huracanes, inundaciones o huaycos -y éstos tienen causas naturales específicas- hoy se caracterizan por su mayor frecuencia, intensidad e impredictibilidad. Ello se debe al Calentamiento Global (CG) y el Cambio Climático (CC) en curso, originados por la actividad humana generadora de excesivas emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en la atmósfera.

“The EU will not relent in its effort to implement the Paris Agreement”

Interview with Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner for Climate Action, a few months ahead of the COP24 meeting in Katowice. There has been a lot of talks about the last COP23 meeting in Bonn. Regarding the Paris agreement, many issues remained unsaid. What are the main concerns for the European Union? The last COP in Bonn was particularly difficult because it was the first meeting following President Donald Trump’s announcement of his intention to abandon the Paris Agreement. However, it was also a good opportunity to confirm the commitment of the rest of the countries to the Agreement and their willingness to move forward with its implementation as soon as possible.

Ecojesuit urges Jesuits and friends to invest in creation

Ecology and Jesuits in Communication (Ecojesuit) is urging Jesuit institutions to commit to making ethical investments.  Divestment is one strategy that “can give the social apostolate a critical focus and a greater ability to enable others, including the Church, to participate in being the occasion for change,” says Fr Pedro Walpole SJ, Coordinator of the global Jesuit network for Ecology and Research Director at the Environmental Science for Social Change within the Philippine Jesuit Province, in a video on Ecojesuit.

Pope urges top oil executives to convert to clean fuel

Addressing some 40 participants in a Vatican conference dedicated to “Energy Transition and Care for our Common Home”,  Pope Francis said “civilization requires energy but energy use must not destroy civilization”.