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South Asian Jesuits meets in XLRI on Ecology

TarumitraXLRI Jamshedpur, 27 Oct: Over a hundred Jesuit-delegates from all the 20 Provinces of South Asian Jesuit Assistancy met inside their premier Management Institute, XLRI for three days to discuss the core issues of Ecology and Migration. The attempt was to see the connection among Displacement and Ecology. Somebody put it this way, “Ecological degradation paves way for displacement and migration which in turn makes the poor more vulnerable and poorer.”

St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore Solar Powered

sjc1St. Joseph’s College Bangalore is a Jesuit run College since 1872. As part of it’s fight against Global warming the college has installed a 100 KW Solar Power system, a first of its kind in South India under the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar mission. The system consists of 432 solar photo-voltaic panels each with a capacity of 230 W peak and a 100KW Delta solar inverter.

A Jesuit carbon offset programme in Cambodia

2014.04.offset_carbon_emissionThe Jesuits in Cambodia have initiated a carbon offset programme in conjunction with the modest seedling nursery set up in Banteay Prieb, the Jesuit-run vocational school for people with disabilities, in late 2012. Primarily intended for Jesuits within the country, volunteers and visiting friends, the carbon offset programme provides an opportunity for air travellers to counterbalance the carbon emissions from their flights to or from Cambodia.


OscarEnergy management is the process of using the minimum possible energy with the least impact to the environment while maintaining a comfortable campus environment. Providing hot water, heat, air conditioning and electricity consumes a tremendous amount of energy, and the vast majority of LMU’s greenhouse gas emissions or “carbon footprint” are associated with energy