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Ciencias Ambientales y Desarrollo Sustentable “Environmental Science and Sustainable Development”

Fondo-de-pantalla-Naturaleza-104Environmental Science and Sustainable Development Project creators leaders how to promote the solution of environmental problems to achieve social welfare, by inducing human knowledge in management, public policy in environmental issues, renewable technologies, waste management and impact assessment environmental, among others.

In Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development you prepare to analyze and measure the impact of man on nature and natural deterioration. They examine and propose programs and projects that ensure environmental balance, protection and preservation of species. Acquire knowledge and develop new renewable technologies such as teamwork skills and strategic vision to undertake their own environmental projects.

Huertos biointensivos de traspatio “Bio-intensive backyard gardens”

CasoSocial_HuertosBThe Division of Research and Outreach (SIV), promotes the protection, preservation, enhancement and dissemination of indigenous culture; promotes the improvement of living standards of families and not Ayuujk. Ayuujk through alternative restoration and conservation of ecosystems, the integrated management of solid waste, agricultural and forest production, and marketing them under the focus of sustainable development.

Rancho Nääxwin

rancho_naaxwinA university project, which has to do with food production activities that aims to contribute some food demand of institutional dining. The ranch is zoned so that they can produce commodities such as meat, vegetables, corn, beans; to this is added the production of tubers such as cassava and sweet potato white and yellow.


Preserving the Environment and Promoting Social Well-being

feiWith its 232 thousand square meters, located in an area of springs and water sources, the FEI campus in São Bernardo do Campo boasts a vast green area with a wide variety of fauna and flora. With technological progress always in mind but without harming nature, the socio-environmental projects run at FEI have not only contributed to environmental preservation but also to social transformation and sustainability.

In 2003, 18 thousand square meters of asphalt which covered the access roads within the campus were substituted with interlocking permeable pavement (known as blocrete), allowing better drainage of rainwater. In this same year, more than 1000 flower seedlings were planted making the campus even more agreeable and preserving the garden areas where grass is laid and mown throughout the year.