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The Practice of Accompaniment

promo-accompanimentI saw it first in the eyes of a handful of Zambian leaders when working alongside Gonzaga engineering students to build a more effective and sustainable cooking stove. After three lessons on heat generation from our students, our Zambian partners were ready to get their hands dirty. Using bricks and other locally sourced materials, we developed a stove together.

Xavier School’s Environmental Advocacy Committee Benchmarks with Miriam College

xs-web-featured-imageLast June 23, 2015, a group of Xavier School San Juan and Xavier School Nuvali staff and teachers together with the Environmental Advocacy Committee, went to Miriam College’s Environmental Science Institute to learn from their current programs and practices in environmental advocacy.

What is Groupe ESA ?

esa-16045ESA was founded in 1898 by Jesuits and representatives of the agricultural world. The school has been instrumental in the development of agriculture in northern and western France, the first region in Europe in the farming and the food industry sectors. Since the Jesuits left in 1970, the school has become a non-profitmaking organization managed by alumni, but closely controlled by the state.

ESA belongs to a French consortium of 4 private agricultural university colleges called FESIA (‘Fédération des Écoles Supérieures d’Ingénieurs en Agriculture’), which assembles 6,000 students, thus representing 30 % of all such students in the agricultural and food industry sectors in France.

Red de Homólogos de Ambiente y Sustentabilidad (Network of Peers on Environment and Sustainability)

Logo RHAA copiaPropiciar espacios para el desarrollo de proyectos e iniciativas comunes en el campo de la temática ambiental entre las Universidades Confiadas a la Compañía de Jesús, en el marco de la sociedad global del conocimiento desde una perspectiva interdisciplinar y latinoamericana, asumiendo la responsabilidad que nos corresponda frente a la problemática socioambiental y el desarrollo integral del individuo.

“Promote opportunities for developing joint projects and initiatives in the field of environmental issues among Relying Universities to Society of Jesus, in the framework of the global knowledge society from an interdisciplinary and Latin American perspective, assuming the responsibility which we face the socio-environmental problems and the development of the individual.”

The Jesuit’s Response to the Global Environmental Crisis: Loyola University Chicago as a Case Study

jesuit response_global environmental crisisA Presentation for John Carroll University
January 2015
Nancy Tuchman, PhD, Founding Director,
Institute of Environmental Sustainability
Loyola University Chicago

Climate Justice Holds Vigil At President’s Office, Urges BC To Divest From Fossil Fuels

DSC_0203-e1423867951370“We are going to conduct an intervention,” yelled Alyssa Florack, A&S ’17. In her background stood approximately 45 people, holding signs urging Boston College to divest in fossil fuels. Friday afternoon, a group of students participated in a Valentine’s Day-themed rally and vigil organized by Climate Justice at Boston College (CJBC). The rally started at 3 p.m. in O’Neill Plaza. From there, participants walked across Stokes Lawn, up onto College Rd., and finally reached the office of University President William P. Leahy S.J. on Mayflower Rd.