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US Jesuit universities continue commitment to climate change action

2017_05_31_N&E_Photo1Presidents of US Jesuit universities signed on to We Are Still In, an open letter to the international community and parties to the Paris Agreement from 1,200 mayors, governors, college and university leaders, businesses, and investors in the US who are joining forces for the first time and declaring their continuing support to climate action to meet the Paris Agreement.

Planting the Seeds of Sustainability in Brazil

APaintingTires1078a-702x336 group of Fordham’s Global Outreach (GO!) students teamed up with a local community from a rural province in Brazil to learn about deforestation and promote food sustainability.

The trip was part of GO’s program in the small Brazilian town of Colinas do Tocantins. In late May and early June, eight Fordham students and chaperone Ann Marie Boccuzzi, assistant director for alumni relations, worked with locals to start a community garden near the Sao Sebatiao Church where they stayed.

The trip gave Boccuzzi, GABELLI ’10, a former GO! executive board member, a chance to apply her Jesuit education to “help students immerse themselves in a new culture while also facing challenging social justice issues.”

Red de Homólogos de Ambiente y Sustentabilidad (Network of Peers on Environment and Sustainability)

Logo RHAA copiaPropiciar espacios para el desarrollo de proyectos e iniciativas comunes en el campo de la temática ambiental entre las Universidades Confiadas a la Compañía de Jesús, en el marco de la sociedad global del conocimiento desde una perspectiva interdisciplinar y latinoamericana, asumiendo la responsabilidad que nos corresponda frente a la problemática socioambiental y el desarrollo integral del individuo.

“Promote opportunities for developing joint projects and initiatives in the field of environmental issues among Relying Universities to Society of Jesus, in the framework of the global knowledge society from an interdisciplinary and Latin American perspective, assuming the responsibility which we face the socio-environmental problems and the development of the individual.”

A Global Challenge: Clean Water

HondurasWater is a fundamental source of life. Yet, 780 million people currently lack access to clean water. This poor access causes millions of deaths and debilitates economic production. Lack of clean water is also a gender-equity issue because women often bear the burdens of finding clean water, which leaves women little opportunity to do anything else. Providing clean water is a public health, economic, and social justice issue. We need leaders willing to address this issue. Are you in?

A public health education at Saint Louis University is a good place to start. SLU public health students recently traveled to Honduras to assist the water infrastructure in the region. Students helped to build a well for a local community during this trip. The community at the College for Public Health & Social Justice is committed to addressing disparities wherever they are found and to developing innovative ways to make life better for others.