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Ignatius Old Growth Forest

ignatius_oldgrowth_forestThe Plant an Old-Growth Forest Project has a slightly amended name and will now be called the Ignatius Old-Growth Forest.  This ecological restoration and conservation project on 40 hectares began in 2006 and is integral to the work and mission of Ignatius Jesuit Centre (IJC) in sharing the sacredness of Creation through spiritual development and the caring for the land.

Plant an old growth forest project

IJC.Cms.WebWidgets.PhotoGallery.image.aspxThe Old-Growth Forest Project aims to create a sanctuary for both people and wildlife by restoring a 40-hectare parcel of Ignatius Jesuit Centre land to vibrant forest and wetland communities with their associated cold water creek.

The project site is just north of the City of Guelph and stretches eastward from Highway 6 North to Victoria Road. At present it is a mosaic of farm field, wetland, meadow, and regenerating forest. Marden Creek runs through the site to its confluence with the Speed River, which is bordered by the site for about a 2 km stretch.

Tree Planting to Save Water

blocks_image_3_1SOJASI is situated in Chimney busty near M-4, M-5 sections of forest range. There are twelve small villages around Chimney. These small villages have their water sources in M-4 & M-5 forest range. There is an acute water problem in these areas as soon as the monsoon is over. When we went to inspect the water catchment area, M-4 section, we found to our horror there were no trees there to hold water. It should be cool and moist in the ground. But to our disappointment the sunlight got through, the ground was dry and the bright sunlight hit our heads strongly.

APX alumni celebrate Independence and Environment day

IMG-20140818-00028The tree plantation drive and environment day was celebrated by the school on 9th Aug, and APX members participated in this. Students gave a strong eco-social message through skits and songs. A lecture was delivered on the importance of this event by the dignitaries present and saplings were planted. many saplings and trees were brought to the campus to be planted, generously given by students, parents, staff and alumnus. The Jesuit Priests if the Gujarat Province got together at the St.Xavier’s High School Loyola hall to celebrate their 200 years of the restoration.