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Wah Yan Hong Kong students visit

DSCN7020-900x661On the 19th of May, a group of students from Wah Yan Hong Kong Jesuit school and three teachers came to do one day of volunteer work at the Dey Lo Kindergarten school.  They helped to clear weeds and brush from one area of the school grounds and then they planted some trees on this ground.  These trees will eventually provide more shelter from the heat for the children playing around the school and provide fresher air for them to breathe.  It is a long-term project.   No children will remember the names of the Wah Yan students but many children will benefit from their one day’s volunteer work.

A Green Campus

DSC01784In order to protect the roads and to create a green campus, Br. Paul Nguyen and Mr. Louth Vuthy have been supervising the planting of over 600 new trees all around the school site. This means that we have planted over 1000 trees since the start of the project. Some of these trees are hard wood trees and they have been planted near the ponds so that they can be watered during the dry season. They will provide shade. Most of the other trees are local varieties or ordinary trees which can survive long dry periods without water. As time goes on, we will discover which varieties grow best on our land and which do not grow well. The Campus already, looks much greener than last year!

University Furthers Tree Conservation Efforts

tree-plant-2-702x336Fordham kicked off its involvement with a tree advocacy group on April 17 with the planting of a four-year-old pin oak tree just south of Keating Hall on the Rose Hill campus.

The 15-foot high, 800-pound tree was one of several dozen American Elms, Red Maples, Northern Red Oaks and Japanese Maples being grown in a former orchard at the Louis Calder Center in Armonk. Many perished as a result of the high winds and heavy rains of Hurricane Sandy. But several pin oaks survived, and this one was transported to the Bronx campus to take up a new home.

Fascination of Plants

fascinacion-plantas-web-1_FotorMonday May 18 different activities took place on the campus of the UCC as part of the international celebration of the Day of the Fascination of Plants.

In the UCC lived a special day: the dissertation took place “Discovering our native vines”; after visits to interactive kiosks (; native that can replace agrochemicals recognition of toxic plants with medicinal use native, and viewpoint of leaves, flowers and fruits through binocular loupes native ornamental and propagation) they were made; a visit of recognition species in the Arboretum also performed Botanical Garden Gaspar Xuárez sj .

XU to launch region-wide environmental campaign – VEST

Vest_ FinalStewardship for Mother Nature requires a multi-sectoral cooperation, thereby Xavier University frontlines an environmental movement designed to propel communities to engage in a sustainable mechanism ensuring the recuperation of our forest resources in Northern Mindanao. XU sets to launch the region-wide environmental platform dubbed as Valuing Ecosystem Services Together (VEST) on November 4-7 at the Activity Center of Centrio Mall.

Nurturing Eco-Warriors in Burundi

10708403_10152823691144351_2078034930_nThe Lycee Saint-Esprit (Holy Spirit High School) is the only Jesuit-run secondary school in Burundi. While it is not as large, in comparison to other Jesuit schools in the Great Lakes Region, it is the ‘School of Excellence’, where intelligence and passion for nature have became part of the tradition. On November 21st, 2014, the environmental club of the school hosted the CYNESA Executive Director, Mr. Allen Ottaro, and organized an interactive forum during which they shared with him their local experience, hopes and desires for a clean and healthy environment.