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Agricultural Technical School Kamba Rembe promotes “Environment and Sustainable Development”

Alumnos-de-escuelas-agrícolas1-140x140With the motto: “All for a better environment“, the Agricultural Technical School Kamba Rembe Fe y Alegria, located in General Resquín (San Pedro), has organized a series of academic activities (workshops, lectures, debates) throughout the month May and June, seeking to raise awareness among authorities and the general public about the fundamental importance of preserving the environment and promoting sustainable development, that does not pollute or damage in any way the natural resources of the community.

ENHANCING REVENUE 57 peasant families of 3 communities in the department of Guaira, IN PARAGUAY

1353515166Coordination by a central committee of producers, recovery of degraded soils with use of green manures, agricultural promotion and adoption of agro-ecological systems, experience with revolving funds, organizational strengthening of peasant organizations, joint actions with related institutions rural development in the area.

Huertos biointensivos de traspatio “Bio-intensive backyard gardens”

CasoSocial_HuertosBThe Division of Research and Outreach (SIV), promotes the protection, preservation, enhancement and dissemination of indigenous culture; promotes the improvement of living standards of families and not Ayuujk. Ayuujk through alternative restoration and conservation of ecosystems, the integrated management of solid waste, agricultural and forest production, and marketing them under the focus of sustainable development.

Rancho Nääxwin

rancho_naaxwinA university project, which has to do with food production activities that aims to contribute some food demand of institutional dining. The ranch is zoned so that they can produce commodities such as meat, vegetables, corn, beans; to this is added the production of tubers such as cassava and sweet potato white and yellow.