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Nitlapan forma parte de plataforma mundial sobre agricultura familiar

Conectar actores claves de la agricultura familiar como organizaciones de agricultores, universidades, organizaciones no gubernamentales, agencias de desarrollo, instituciones estatales, así como Institutos de Investigación y desarrollo como Nitlapan de la Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), es el objetivo de la nueva Plataforma de Conocimientos sobre Agricultura Familiar (PCAF) que lanzó su red mundial en días pasados.

How the world’s newest Jesuit university is promoting sustainable agriculture

DRC’s abundant natural resources are not only to be found underground. Any new visitor to the country cannot fail to appreciate the land’s rich vegetation and fertile farmland. And yet despite its excellent soil and climatic conditions, DRC needs to import much of its food from neighbouring countries. The agricultural sector is perhaps another victim of the mineral resource curse.

Trabajar con las abejas, un proyecto de vinculación, de la alumna Victoria Hilario

Victoria Hilario Francisco alumna de la carrera de Administración y desarrollo sustentable, a través de su proyecto de investigación, estableció vínculos con una familia de apicultores de la comunidad de San José de las Flores, de donde es originaria, para la producción de miel que contribuyera al comedor del Instituto.

They propose to leave the transgenic and to promote the Agroecology in Nicaragua

In the National Forum: Transgenics a risk for agriculture in Nicaragua carried out at the UCA, some 250 producers in Nicaragua alerted the population about the risks of transgenic crops and how, through agroecological practices with creole seeds, it is assured not only food and nutrition security, but rather to reduce the adverse effects of climate change.

Dilemma between growth and sustainability in agriculture

“There is the recognition, by society and governments, of the public interest in the social, environmental, cultural, and economic functions, not only productive or mercantile, associated with  agricultural holdings , bringing agriculture to a position as the main subject of the new construction of  development….

Agricultural Schools

The School Family Agricultural of the MEPES, is a school organization that maintains the learning and professional formation for the young people of the field. It introduced in Latin America and adopts the Alternation Pedagogy, assuring the youngsters of the EFAs an integral formation that covers professional, humanitarian, social, ethical, spiritual and environmental aspects, qualifying them legally, both to continue studies and to devote professional life, family property or outside.