Ecostream is an online resource and reference system developed as part of Ecojesuit’s commitment to the Jesuit mission on Reconciliation with Creation. It is a platform for sharing ongoing initiatives in ecology and sustainability centered around the five themes of Ecojesuit and gives an overview of the actions and advocacies of Jesuit institutions and communities around the world. By communicating these efforts to a worldwide audience, it is hoped that Ecostream will spark dynamic discussions on ecological issues, help institutions engage in new activities and learn how others are taking action, lead to active links and partnerships for more effective and innovative solutions to heal Our Common Home, and result in the much deeper process of personal and social transformation.


  1. Daniel says:

    Very good initiative! I did not know about it! Do you post only in English?

  2. Dineshkumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I , as a citizen of India, a resident of Mumbai city wish to bring to your

    kind notice the wanton cutting down of trees all over Mumbai. Also if we notice

    carefully we find that an entire row of trees are drying up there are other trees in

    the same same vicinity, same variety, but are flourishing. Being a layman I have

    noticed it while on my visit to various parts of Mumbai. What measures can help curb this brutal cutting down of trees.


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